Our Service Levels

Kindertons has developed industry leading service level arrangements that deliver an excellent experience to clients who have suffered a road traffic accident.

Our service levels are constantly evolving and we can tailor requirements exactly to specific needs. The below sets out our minimum standards:

Replacement vehicle delivery

  • Similar specification of car/motorcycle guaranteed if required
  • Delivered within 24-hours
  • Delivered same day anywhere in the UK if accident notified before noon

Vehicle credit repair

  • Credit repair established during first notification of loss
  • Vehicle recovered and estimated
  • Date agreed with independent engineer for inspection and repair work authorised within 48-hours
  • All repairs attract a 5 year workmanship guarantee

Non fault claims

  • Kindertons will aim to contact the client within 30 minutes of notification
  • Hire car deliveries arranged at convenient time and location for client

Fault claims

  • Kindertons will establish circumstances and warm transfer the client to their own insurance company. Kindertons may also manage the claim through repair on behalf of our work providers
  • Kindertons sends an email each evening to ensure the insurers have notification of the claim
  • If the claim is reported out of hours and the client’s vehicle is un-drivable, recovery will be arranged and costs forwarded

Kindertons offers insurance brokers a complete accident management service, this includes

  • Reporting of claims under delegated authority and consent of the broker
  • Access to Kindertons LEI product portal and claim progress
  • 24 hour accident recovery service
  • Mobility solutions
  • Vehicle repair solution
  • Recovery of uninsured losses