Kindertons is a great place to work and a major employer in Crewe, Cheshire, with around 650 members of staff. Competitive packages, a fun environment and a culture that means everyone can contribute with good ideas makes it a superb place to build a career.

All sorts of people make up Kindertons and contribute to its success. From school leavers through to insurance experts, part of the formula for our growth is the mix of ideas, enthusiasm, experience and enjoyment that works its way into everything we do.

What we are like to work for
Our staff are always thinking up the next great idea, socialising together and supporting charities and different sports teams.

Kindertons is more than an employer, it’s a social network of like-minded, ideas led professionals; and while it expects a lot from its employees, it will give a lot back.

The people we are looking for
There is no one size fits all for Kindertons. Accident aftercare takes a lot of different specialities and skills, so there is certain to be a role for everyone. 

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