Kindertons Group leads by example to end cold calling

THE KINDERTONS GROUP has pledged never to make a cold call and is urging the accident management and insurance industries to get behind Post Magazine’s #coldcallcrackdown on Twitter.

The entire Kindertons Group subscribes to the Ethical Marketing Charter, which is aimed at removing nuisance marketing and cold calling altogether. The Kindertons Group is made up of accident aftercare service providers to the insurance industry.

The Information Commissioner's Office reported 180,000 complaints about cold calling in the last year alone.

The new campaign against cold calling comes after the Chancellor Philip Hammond’s Autumn Statement promised to remove cold calling for pensions.

Neil Cunningham, Kindertons Group CEO, said: “The Kindertons Group wholeheartedly supports a ban on cold calling and nuisance marketing. Cold calling is an incredibly intrusive practice that our Group companies simply will not entertain. We value customer service and privacy and will do all we can to protect them. I would like to see all the companies in our broad sectors of accident management and insurance get behind this campaign.

“We are now promoting internally to staff just how easy it is to report a cold call and will encourage everyone to act. As a company we can lead the way, but it is through consumers reporting bad companies that cold calling will be eradicated.”

The Kindertons Group includes: Kindertons Accident Management Jigsaw Law Sovereign Automotive JP Morriss Plantec Assist

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