Are you an Insurer?

Kindertons recognise that the claims process and management of subsequent costs incurred is a fundamental part of an insurers underwriting model.

Reliable, controlled, trusted

Kindertons seek to control claims costs at all times when working with an insurer partner, this may be through agreed rates for replacement hire and repair fees as well as minimising overall key to key claim durations. In addition we can provide complimentary services such as our third party capture process which focuses on reducing potential claims costs received from other parties involved in an accident.

Specialist requirements

There may often be special requirements for specific types of vehicles either to fulfil commitments to your own policyholder or to minimise hire car costs incurred by a third party. Access to our diverse fleet of vehicles provides a simple and quick solution to deliver any vehicle in the UK at a time to best suit the end user. Our range of vehicles include prestige, 4 x 4, taxi, dual control, light commercial, MPVs and motorcycles.

Protecting your brand

As a key work partner we are conscious that the service we provide to your policyholder will ultimately reflect on you as the insurer. That's why we work so hard to continually deliver the best possible customer service journey to ensure that your brand is protected; our market leading NPS scores are testament to our success.

In summary, we are able to offer a full range of accident aftercare services to your policyholders and importantly under the one roof. With access to our bespoke management reporting tools and white-labelled claims App we are best placed to provide an innovative and effective solution to the claims management process.