Consumer Duty Launch

Consumer Duty is a new regulation introduced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), which sets higher and clearer standards of consumer protection across all financial services. Essentially businesses must put their customers' needs first, and those who don’t will be held accountable.


We are award winners!

We are so thrilled to have won the Contact Centre Award at last night’s Insurance CX Awards.


Our Winter Campaign

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be giving out hints and tips on how to get your car winter-ready and our best practice advice for staying safe whilst out and about.


Welcome to the fourth of our monthly blogs. This month Alistair Campbell, Group IT Director discusses the importance of being at the forefront of technology and the challenges that are faced by IT departments up and down the country.

When Kindertons first started out, there was one very clear aim – to support our customers as best we can and deliver an outstanding level of customer service. Almost 30 years later and this is as true now as it ever was. Since those early days, the company has grown and evolved considerably, but perhaps the most noticeable changes have taken place over the last 2.5 years. Whilst the COVID-19 pandemic seems a world away now, it has permanently changed the way many of us work. Myself and our IT Team have worked hard to navigate these new changes and the challenges that have come with it – as well as maintaining system security and working on and rolling out new technologies to help keep us at the top of our game.


Welcome to the third of our monthly blogs: This month, Scott Logan Head of Deployment Services talks about his passion for ‘Making things happen’ and what he thinks are the biggest challenges facing our customers.

I originally trained as a Sports & Development Coach, which took me down the personal training and fitness route and I loved it! I worked in fitness clubs full-time for about four years before reducing my hours to part-time so that I could take up a position in the Scottish Ambulance Service. This was an exciting job, and I learned a lot about dealing with challenging situations. However a few years down the line I decided it wasn’t what I wanted to do long term. So, I left the UK to travel round the world and experience different cultures by working and living abroad.


Welcome to the second of our monthly blogs: This month, Mike Slater, Repair Network Manager talks about how he got into the automotive and insurance world and the strength of our Approved Repairer Network.

More years ago than I like to admit, I left high school and took a job as a Panel Beaters Apprentice at a Ford RS dealership in Salford. This was in the days of the ‘Youth Training Scheme,’ and I earned the princely sum of £26.30 per week (and thought I was rich!) It was an amazing place to work and to this day I’ve stayed connected with the friends I worked with. Training in all aspects of accident repair at that early age and working on Capri 2.8i’s RS Turbo’s RS Cosworth’s and the like, was a great starting point! ...


Welcome to the first of our new monthly blogs: This month, Chris Dodgson, Head of Strategic Partnerships talks about his background and what makes the Kindertons Sales Team so great!

My entry into the Credit Hire industry was almost by chance. I’ve always had a passion for cars, having grown up in a household with heavy links to Rolls Royce Motor Cars. When the opportunity arose to Join Enterprise Rent-a-Car on a graduate scheme, I jumped at the chance as I loved the thought of being able to drive lots of different cars! Little did I know that there was a huge market that sat behind this!